Traci Haze is alive and well. She is being held hostage in the Dollar Record Records Recording Studio Complex. As The ‘Cudas do not feel obligated to repay their well documented debt to DRR, owner and master ringleader, Brian “Bib” Krepshaw has decided to take it upon himself to protect his interests.
If Traci continues to produce quality work, and the music sells, then she should be able to repay the ‘Cuda debt no later than 2007. We here at Dollar Record Records Recording Studio Complex have been pleased to have Traci in our company and we would like to let the rest of the band know she has already written three new hit songs… sheet music is on the way. We expect rehearsals to begin immediately. We are looking forward to releasing the Cudas earliest recordings, Strange Sounds Golden years master recording---re-issue"

-Dollar Record Records