Beehive and the Barracudas were ruthlessly dropped from the illustrious Flapping Jet Records roster after convincing the companies president into giving them the, unheard of for an independent label, cash advance of $60,000. The band helplessly blew all of the money at the card tables at the Cache Creek Indian Reservation Casino. When band members were confronted by members of the Flapping Jet security team, they retaliated with violence, theft of the remaining stock of their previously released CD, and covert back-room dealings with A&R reps at Flapping Jet rival, Swami Records.
It was much later when the deal with Dollar Record Records was finalized. And, I would like to make it known that the deal was forced upon the band as a quick way out of an unpaid debt with Dollar Record head honcho, Brian “Bib” Krepshaw. Certain members of the ‘Cudas (as they are fondly known in the Northern-most territories of this continent) still owed Krepshaw a heavy debt for a type of labor, known in the skin trade industry as, “slunking.”
Alas, all was not lost at Flapping Jet headquarters. After a brief period of mourning the loss of San Diego’s 47th “super-group,” Flapping Jet was able to recharge its stable of international hit makers by signing San Francisco Bay Area melody merchants, Salem Lights. Key members of the ‘Lights were originally working as personal trainers and masseurs on the ‘Cuda payroll. Unfortunately, during the bands brief bankruptcy and time of “label homelessness,” all paid staff was laid off.
It was during this time that Salem Lights was introduced to the many members of Flapping Jet’s staff. During a foot massage, interest was expressed at signing “Northern California’s most dangerous band.” Recording contracts were drawn up, a deal was inked (as they say in the business), and Salem Lights promised to use their sixty grand for equipment and recording costs. So, make sure after you’ve given “Cock Ready” a few spins, you check out the Salem Lights releases available on, Beehive and the Barracudas former record company, Flapping Jet Records.
Morgan Hodge-Podge
Bird-Flip Digest

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