In a stunning blow to the Dollar Record Records Empire, a coup was successfully staged to rescue Barracuda Traci Haze from the evil tentacles of Dollar Record Records head mogul, Brian “Bib” Krepshaw.
The daring rescue was orchestrated by Mike Therieau wielding an old Kay acoustic guitar.
“Those things were made better back then, with a steel reinforced neck you can rescue a lot of people,” he replied when asked about his revolt against the “Bib”. When asked about his super-hero cape, he could only say, “Smashing, isn’t it?”
Dollar Record Records Empire Honcho, Brian Krepshaw spoke in confident tones when asked about his loss.
“We were pleased to have Traci as our guest. The finishing touches are being made to “Cock Ready” and we all are pleased with its progress. As a bonus, Mr. Therieau dropped a couple of songs while he was leaving with Traci. We will be releasing his single immediately.”