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"...will mount the great white stallion and go forth into the land of darkness and look for the switch to make it light." Maybe. Maybe not. Let me explain...

Hailing from NYC, this 4 piece combine snot and garbage and vomit with sugar and innocence and blue-collar mystery to create what they call "pop" music.
It makes sense when you consider their backgrounds: Lead singer Andy Animal was working down in Boca Raton as a gator rancher when he met up with drummer Josh at an antique furniture store. It seems one of the gators had somehow managed to swallow an 18th century French armoire. Turns out Josh ran the store, and was in need of just this sort of thing. The selling price for the very large, expensive antique remains a mystery, but while haggling over the price a certain disdain for most modern music was uncovered.
Having past connections from his younger days in Boston, Josh contacted guitarist Tristan, then residing at The Boston Home For Boys With Etiquette. After forging a note from the doctor, (Dr. Josh and Dr. Andy gave Tristan syphilis) Tristan was onboard to becoming a Stalker.
Only needing a bass player, fate struck once again as the trio were moving Tristan's belongings (Josh once again facing armoire negotiations) down to NYC. Danny was found alongside of the interstate, oddly enough armed only with an issue of “Jewels of the Orient: Older & Bolder”, a bass guitar and picnic basket.
Having not eaten anything but gator meat for 2 weeks, the three naturally decided to stop and pick him up.
The result is Stalkers. Are they scary? Maybe. Are they hungry? Yeah, give them some food when they play in your town. Do they rock?
Just go listen.

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