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"If it ain't a Dollar Record, it ain't worth a buck!"

Formed in 2003 as a reaction to the historically overlooked San Francisco rock scene (thanks Jerry Garcia!), DRR was created to release the finest in good ol' honest rock 'n' roll. Mike Therieau kicked things off with his smokin' single and after a quick photo shoot in a taqueria to capture the cover for DRR 001, things were off and running!

Expanding in 2004 to take on the Big Dirty Apple, the Dollar Record Empire stretched its tentacles out to NYC, finding such great bands as Brooklyn's Mob Stereo the Stalkers and Dynasty (Electric Duo).

In the whirlwind of rock 'n' roll that followed, San Francisco's The Nads, Salem Lights and Nagg hopped on board and brought Dave Gleason along for the ride. The mysterious plastic soul legends, Beehive and the Barracudas dropped by with the most dangerous record of the year.

Burning up many a top ten list in 2005 were new full lengths by The Flakes and Sonic Love Affair while Th' Losin Streaks got in on the action with a screamin' hot single. In 2006 Nikki Corvette got together with the Stingrays and released an album of all new originals and in 2007, NYC's Stalkers hit with their long-awaited full length debut that fans were hungry for after getting too little of a taste from their first single.

Since 2009 DRR has been a catalog-only label with no new releases in the pipeline. Ol' Buck there may one day peer into the archives, but he don't see too well (having no eyes and all), so hop on up and check out what lives on above.

Dollar Record Records
San Francisco, CA

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