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Junkyard Heart
2.4 MB junkyard.mp3
-extra track from the "Woodhouse" sessions

The Nads
Tommy, Johnny
1.5 MB
-from "Backasswards"

Beehive and the Barracudas
Fuck it Out
1.3 MB
-from "Cock Ready"

Another Day
2.7 MB
-from "DRR 007"

Dynasty (electric duo)
Game of Jewels
3.3 MB
-rare demo

NIkki Corvette
Back to Detroit
2.6 MB
-from DRR 017

Mob Stereo
Priviliged Position
2.2 MB
-raw track from DRR 013

Mike Therieau
2.7 MB
-"Seth" sessions

The Flakes
2.2 MB
-rare demo from the
"Charlie" sessions

Out In the Rain
3.4 MB
-rare demo

The Salem Lights
Violent Film
4.7 MB
-from "DRR 012"


Beehive and the Barracudas
Cooped Up Like a Slave
10.3 MB slave.mpg
-live at Seth's House

Dragon Rojo
Crypt Crash Stomp
8.1 MB crypt.mpg
-live in the graveyard

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