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Beehive and the

Wetter than thou, in a post-Taliban world can be a dicey thing. With things worse, Beehive and the Barracudas forge forward. Like soldiers from a dead past, these lads/ladies tweak the modern consciousness, with a brand of spacious, experimental noize which reeks of Blight blues----PLASTIC SOUL. Been known to go the distance with their seismic production technique......>>>>>not known for selling out, the 'Cudas have the uncanny knack for signing, unheard of, yet very lucrative, one record deals. After being dropped from poorly mismanaged indie labels such as One-Tone, Whack, Flapping Jet, and Strange Sounds, the 'Cudas seem set on their current contract with Swami....yes, it's the 100% rights thing. But with the stipulation imbedded in their robust contract, allowing the group to pursue other "interests", the 'Cudas have managed to fool, not only their fans/friends/families, but the whole listening public...How you ask? Well Beehive and the Barracudas are currently formulating a plan to re-release, the re-release of COCK READY! Yes that's right with wool beneath them, the 'Cudas pulled away with seed intact. With the help of longtime friend/record mogul Gene "the Jean" Adams, using his 1958 rolodex, the 'Cudas have hooked up with Dollar Record Records!!!! Stay tuned for more of the gossip!!!!! -derek


From their upcuming album, "Cock Ready"
Fuck It Out mp3


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