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Mob Stereo

Hailing from California, currently residing in Brooklyn/NYC. Featuring members of notable Oakland/San Francisco/San Diego acts such as Mystery Girls, Chinadoll, Dragon Rojo, Vatican, and Teenagers--- Mob Stereo formed and exploded onto the NYC music scene in August 2002. Their noisy brand of thrash-pop blends tough buzzsaw punk with sweet lilting girl vocals creating songs that are abrasive, yet dark and dreamy at the same time. It's hard to pin down their sound which seems to contain hints of new wave, garage rock, hardcore, and white noise. Their explosive live shows are notorious for being dodgy, chaotic , and unpredictable, but one thing is certain- attendees always go home satisfied and drenched in beer and sweat from dancing their asses off. In less than 2 years, by word-of-mouth, some rare ep's, noisy 4 track demos, a 7" single, numerous music and video bootlegs circulating around, a full length album, LOTS of shows, and their white hot sex appeal, Mob Stereo has gained many fans underground and worldwide. Don't sleep on them!

Mp3's from the new CD "Too Young to Go Steady":::: Privileged Position and Bubblegum and Binders

contact mob stereo: mobstereo@yahoo.com
visit mob stereo: mobstereo.com

publicity contact: Maria
Blue Ghost Publicity

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