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Mike Therieau

With the working sweat of the day behind him, Mike Therieau takes off his shoes and kicks up new dirt down at the local bar. Guided by some force us mere mortals cannot understand, Mike has been known to kick step a frenzy into the soles of even the most jaded musicianites. His infectious swaying paves the way for the true power of Mike; his voice. He seared the electromagnetic spectrum as but a young buck, belting out the lines, “I’m a lover not a fighter”, from the classic, “You Can’t Judge a Book”. From that auspicious, adolescent start, Mike has grown to become one of the the Bay Areas fave’s, tearing it up in bands like The Loved One’s, Mover and Wasted Days. Now, many many lifetimes later, Mike branches out, yet again, and delivers a couplea new tracks, hoisted up under his own moniker.

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