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The Nads

Parent-teacher conference night just ain't the same after
the raucous, 12-track manifesto "BACKASSWARDS" hits campus
from San Francisco's THE NADS. Do the math: fifty percent
Frank Frazetta styled airbrushed rawk, fifty percent old school
punk, THE NADS celebrate their eighth year of (quote, unquote)
"music" with this raging and raw Dollar Record Records release.
Tightly produced and wound up with hooks a-plenty, THE NADS
evoke a harder, darker time when guitars ruled the earth
and punk rock first crawled out of the primordial ooze that
was heavy metal. The twin deities of the MC5 and Thin Lizzy
ruled mankind then, blasting their high decibel prophesies from
cigarette lighter illuminated altars. It is from this same solid
stone that THE NADS are carved.
From the fast and ironic "Stupid Love Song," through the heavy
"Boffin's Necklace" and into the pumping rock of "Saigon Hooker,"
the band power shifts through a cycle of riff-laden energy that begs
for more volume. Packaged in a full color original cartoon cover from
Chuck Sperry with graphics by Dirty Donny, this l'il monster is
sure to stiffen even the most flaccid member of the listening audience!
Buy a shitload of these goddamn things!

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