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With a sweaty beat and solid guitars, Nagg swaggers the stage, shakin’ hearts and movin’ feet. Empty beer bottles litter the floor in front of the band, as the lead singer, Amy struts up to the mic. The crowd watches, nodding heads and waiting for what’s next. The voice hits you, and the patrons at the bar turn around… the bar gets a little hazy as the feet start jumping, bodies start moving and the band plays through their set, hair shakin’ and bodies sweatin’… this is Nagg.

With sheer irresistible boogie factor, unforgettable hooks, and electrifying vocals, San Francisco's Nagg has been gaining a steady following by belting out their own unique style of hard driving rock 'n' roll. Bassist J.T. Turner (of S.F. garage greats, the Flakes) and screamer Amy Ward (AC/DShe's Bonny Scott) formed the band bringing together the guitar styling of Greg Fenwick (also of the Flakes) and Brian Krepshaw (ex-Dragon Rojo/Solid Gold) with Scott Baldwin (and later Travis Ramin of the Fevers, Nikki Corvette & the Stingrays) pounding the skins. With loud guitars and stealthy songwriting, this rowdy fivesome seperate themselves from the pack. Throw in a solid, stomping beat with a high energy performance, and Nagg never fails to get the crowd rocking!

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mp3's: Another Day and Beauty of the Bitch

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