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The Salem Lights

Salem LightsLong live Salem Lights…a true call to arms! The band whose members can either be found hovering within the smoky green haze in the clouds above the long avenues of Oakland, tearing up the labyrinth like streets of San Francisco on motorcycles, or conducting sonic experiments under the BART tracks in Albany. Salem Lights is a band that has successfully operated below the radar of the mainstream music industry since 1998 A.D. Salem Lights is the true underground rock n’ roll experience.

The term Garage Rock is far too limiting, while the members' preferred description as pure rock n’ rollers is far too wide, which certainly leads to confusion in a scene fascinated with labeling bands. Salem Lights claim no title nor pledge allegiance to any single genre or clique. The band writes aggressive material in league with The Ramones, The Dictators, The Saints, and AC/DC, but pays respect to the melodies of Big Star, Cheap Trick, Flaming Groovies, and of course The Beatles.

Salem Lights can usually be found sharing the stages of San Francisco’s beer joints with like-minded bands such as The Flakes, Comets On Fire, The Cuts, Sonic Love Affair, Bobby Teens, and Nagg, but have also supported and opened for killer bands like: Dead Moon, Crime, The Morlocks, Detroit Cobras, Starlight Desperation, Pleasure Forever, Easy Action, The Rapture, Visqueen, Demons, and Beehive & The Barracudas. Extensive touring up and down the West Coast and throughout the Southwest has seen Salem Lights playing with Mannekin Piss, Year Future, The Superbees, Lords Of Altamont, Thee Okmoniks, The Tyde, Red Onions, Black Telephone, and GoGoGo Airheart among others. Long live Salem Lights!

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