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A Sonic Love Affair show is like no other, the volume, angst and sweat course through the audience, veins of aural intensity. The singer, Dylan grabs and growls his way through the crowd, following wherever his shaking tambourine leads him.
His antics provide an energetic background to the sound that is SLA, hard, loud, and rooted in the primordial ooze that was founded by late 60’s punk.
The drums set the beat, knocked in by Jerry, locked in with the bass as played by John. Curtis keeps the sound together on guitar, as Rob Alper cranks up his amp from the other side of the room. The house shakes, fault lines quiver, and the audience is left reeling like after a half hour earthquake.
The basic elemental rock and roll is what is important to these monsters. The ground itself feels the shake and wants to start the earthquake early. All together it’s a swell of sound, a non-stop aural assault. Sonic Love Affair plays shows up and down the West Coast, and keep threatening to send California into the ocean. Catch ‘em now before you drown!

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