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With only a handful of roughly-hewn rockers and a few weeks of informal rehearsals behind them, Stalkers brazenly plunged into their live debut in October 2003 with punk legend TV Smith in a performance that has set a reckless course for the group's young career. Carrying on the tradition set by that very first show, this quartet has loudly made a name for themselves in New York City's rock n' roll underbelly, storming the stage again and again (in some cases, at a moment's notice) with a ready-or-not abandon that has earned them their audience and their reputation.

Like the Rolling Stones before them, Stalkers were brought together by a chance meeting and the somewhat offbeat record collections of its founders. Frontman Andy Doocey's love of everything from The Beach Boys to The Damned meshed perfectly with the rare 45 collection amassed by drummer Josh Styles. As the two debated the merits of their musical inclinations, they realized they disagreed violently enough that they deserved to be in a band together. Drunken proposals led to crude early rehearsals, and soon enough, bassist Danny Goldshtein and guitarist Tristan Lowery were firmly installed to the left and right of dangerous and impulsive Andy's charismatic center stage presence. In January of 2005, Stalkers added rhythm guitarist Ryan Cohn. This development has helped fill out the groups sound and Ryan’s energetic performances have made the live shows even more exciting.

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